Limited Liability

limited liability partnership
Limited Liability

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is another kind of business presented in Pakistan through

SECP through the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2017 and

Increased through limited liability Company Partnership Regulations 2018,


There were three extensively applied company systems that utilized corporate structures for the establishment of an organization in Pakistan that are e as follows:

Sole proprietorship, Partnership, and Limited company.

However, the need has reliably been to be had to convey some other form of corporate structure,

Through which the business owners can efficaciously take a part in the organization’s responsibilities

Moreover, are secured against individual risk for the organization’s obligations.


The gap was changed into stuffed in 2017 by the provision of a Partnership bill passed by the senate.

LLP is a corporate structure in which the LLP Company’s proprietors are not liable for the organization’s duties or liabilities

While the provision of flow-through taxation firm to the shareholders of an LLP

(Means LLPs do not pay taxes, losses and earnings are passed through to shareholders,

Who claim them on their tax returns) is a feature of partnership.

Therefore, an LLP is a mixture substance that consolidates the traits of a corporation with the ones of a partnership or a sole proprietorship.