Public Interest Litigations (PIL)

Public Interest Litigations
Public Interest Litigations (PIL)

What is Public Interest Litigations case laws?

When there is a violation of the basics of Rights (including Social, Economic and Political Rights) of the public,

the class of People and Society whose basic rights are imposed can document the adjuration in

High Court with the help of Article 199 Of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and in Supreme Court under Article 184 3

to request the powers in the interest of the Public for basic Rights and to make sure the approach of Justice and complaint of the

Rule of Law is in the interest of the public.

Any individual or a person having no other solution may document a Petition in High Court or Supreme Court by remembering the relevant basic Rights’

points of the constitution and request redressed from the Judiciary for the advantage of the public and not for a single or any individual.
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